Roast goose, researcher parents, and a plague journal

December 22, 2020 Washington State Magazine Season 1 Episode 5
Roast goose, researcher parents, and a plague journal
Show Notes

“There never was such a goose. ... Its tenderness and flavour, size and cheapness, were the themes of universal admiration,” wrote Charles Dickens in A Christmas Carol. On this episode, Washington State University executive chef Jamie Callison offers ways to roast and serve the classic holiday goose and sides. It’s a dish ready for a comeback.

Also in this episode:

  • WSU Vancouver biologist Stephanie Porter on balancing life as a scientist and a parent. Research, teaching, and family is possible, as Porter explains through her own experiences.
  • John Streamas from WSU was intrigued this year by Daniel Defoe’s plague journal written in 1722. Streamas penned his own scholarly observations in a modern plague journal for 2020 as the COVID-19 pandemic swept across the world along with protests and examinations of racism. 

Read more about roasting goose, biologist Stephanie Porter’s research on symbiosis, and John Streamas’s plague journal of 2020.

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